Does Having the Highest Internet Speed Benefit Your Business?

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Many telecom service providers promote having the highest internet speed for your business. Have you considered that having the highest speed may not be beneficial for your business? In fact, it could be costing you money. Your business may run efficiently with less speed.

An analysis of your current telecom plan can help you understand how much internet speed is required. You can be saving money and using your savings to grow another area of your business. It doesn’t mean you won’t have a need for more speed. You can implement a telecom solution that allows for future expansion as your company grows. Some things to consider in determining how much speed you need includes understanding bandwidth, determining how your company uses the internet, knowing how many business computers are in use, and planning for the growth of the business.

Understanding what internet services are a priority for your business will help you choose the right bandwidth for your business. Business voice & data transmit faster through a larger bandwidth. The more bandwidth you have, the more information can travel at the same time. A business that transmits large amounts of data or uses VoIP services is going to need more bandwidth than one that primarily only sends and receives e-mails.

Another factor to consider is the number of computers and mobile devices that are in use at any given time. Multiple devices used simultaneously may mean you will need more bandwidth. If different tasks are spread out you will need less bandwidth

Once you know your internet speed meets your current need to run your business efficiently and cost effectively, you will need to look ahead to see how company growth may require a change in the kind of telecom services you now use. Working with a telecom agent that offers scalable services means you can easily upgrade your bandwidth when needed.

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