Why Many Professional Web Hosts use Co-Location Hosting Services

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Co-location hosting services allow professional web hosts to rent space in a data center facility for use. This allows the host to use their own servers and computing hardware, while utilizing the physical attributes of the data center such as the building itself, the power, bandwidth, internet connection and security. The customer of co-location hosting services is responsible for providing their own servers and storage. Hosting companies that are already heavily invested into computer hardware and simply need the space and resources of a data center will find this service very useful.

Greater bandwidth

One of the downfalls of home services provided by ISP’s is the limited bandwidth and resources that they provide. By using a data center, web hosts are given significant bandwidth allotments, allowing them and their customers to reach high amounts of traffic.

Constant security

The security features of a data center are highly appealing to a hosting company with a large number of servers. The constant physical security offered by data centers is a huge benefit of using co-location hosting services.

Protection from disasters and outages

Co-location hosting services provides protection from natural disasters such as floods, fires or even power outages. The host benefits from the reassurances that a data center can provide because they have safety precautions already set in place.

Isolated pods, cages or racks

Your servers are isolated and generally locked away from other clients that are using the same data center. Depending on the space you have rented, you will be provided with pods, cages or racks that you may use for your servers.

Use of green technology

Most data centers today are highly technical and make use of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Using co-location hosting services as a web host, you will have a lowered environmental impact. Data centers typically use advanced, energy saving cooling technologies as well.


As a co-location hosting customer, you will be able to contact a support representative at anytime. Agents are typically available to assist you on a 24×7 basis.

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