Downtown Atlanta Metro Ethernet

OneStop Internet Solutions

OneStop Communications can help your business or organization choose and manage the best business internet solution tailored to your business needs and budget. When considering which business class internet service best fulfills your needs consideration is given to cost, reliability, bandwidth needed, scalability, your location, and more.

Metro Ethernet is generally a more cost effective service if you live in a metro area. It is available in a variety of bandwidths from 1Mbps to 10G Ethernet. It is a scalable service, so with one call to your provider you can upgrade or downgrade as your needs change.

Why do many consider a Metro Ethernet network a good business internet solution? Here are a few reasons:

Easy to Use – Just plug it in and you are connected.

Speed – Metro Ethernet is fast for both sending and receiving.

Bandwidth – From a megabit per second to a gigabit per second it’s 1,000 times faster than a typical small business connection.

Scalable – Has the flexibility to be provisioned quickly so you only pay for the exact bandwidth you need.

Compatibility  – Ethernet is a network standard with over 300 million connections worldwide and works with almost all software and hardware available

Future Needs – Metro Ethernet is supported by almost all major telecom equipment companies.

Universal – All business applications including voice, video, internet access, security, education, and ecommerce are universally supported in a network infrastructure.

Cost Effective – Saves money reducing cost of equipment set up with simple plug and play setup. Greater bandwidth at a lower cost per megabit than a T1 line.

Reliable – Metro Ethernet is a dedicated connection you don’t share with anyone else for better performance.