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Is T1 Dedicated Internet a good fit for your business needs? A T1 line is a multi-channel line that allows you to transmit both voice and data at the same time. It offers greater capacity and more bandwidth than a typical business class cable line. Because a T1 line is dedicated to your business, meaning you do not have to share it or compete with any other internet users in your area, it delivers the connectivity and speed you need.

One way to picture a T1 line is to think of it as a data highway. You own your own private lane on the data superhighway and can bypass the traffic congestion of others sharing a single lane or connection. Your T1 is faster because it is a direct route to the internet with no other traffic to slow you down. Because you are the only one who can access your line, your data is also more secure.

Your T1 circuit is always on, open for business so to speak. This is why T1 lines are sometimes referred to as dedicated lines. No one else has access to your T1 line and it is always on and ready. For this reason a T1 dedicated line is going to cost more than an ISDN (internet services digital network) where you share a connection with other subscribers.

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A T1 line is able to reach speeds as high as 1.544 Mbps. T1 lines can also be bundled to increase capacity. Using a T1 line allows your business to have high upload and download speeds unlike some services in which the upload and download speeds are unequal with the upload speeds being slower. If your business depends on higher upload speeds because it hosts web servers, email servers, or FTP sites, you would be better served by having T1 dedicated internet. In addition, T1 dedicated internet is more reliable since it connects straight to the provider and providers offer SLA’s (service level agreements) guaranteeing performance and repair time which other broadband services does not offer.

A DCS (digital channelized service) can also be provided via a T1 line to connect a PBX or key system  that has either analog or digital connections to the central office providing access to PSTN (public switched telephone network). It supports inbound, outbound, and two-way data and voice traffic. Any size business can benefit from a business T1 DCS as it can be configured to fit your business needs at competitive pricing.

When helping your choose the internet business solution that will be the best fit for your company OneStop Communications takes into consideration your budget, how much bandwidth you need, the type of data traffic, reliability of service, your location, and more. As a rule of thumb, a T1 line can be a good fit for small to medium size businesses with 20 to 50 internet users who need the benefits it provides.

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OneStop Communications can get you free quotes on T1 dedicated internet providers in Georgia from among the many telecom providers we do business with. Let our staff find you a business internet provider handle all the details so you can spend your valuable time working your business.